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A Homes Paint Quality And Why It Matters

Understand the Standard of Your Paints

Painting is more than just a color choice – it’s a valuable investment in your home or business. At Giordano’s Painting, we understand the significance of quality paint and how it can make a lasting impact on your property. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of “quality” in paints and the numerous benefits that high-quality paints provide for our customers in South Jersey.

Key Ingredients for Quality Paint:

  1. Pigment:
    • Prime pigments bring color and hide, contributing to easier application, durability, and better color retention.
    • Giordano’s Painting utilizes paints with a higher concentration of prime pigments for superior performance.
  2. Binders:
    • The type, quality, and amount of binders affect various paint characteristics, including adhesion, gloss, and resistance to cracking.
    • Our painting experts choose paints with high-quality binders, ensuring enhanced film integrity, longevity, and resistance to common issues like blistering and peeling.
  3. Liquids:
    • While the liquid is the vehicle for paint application, top-quality paints at Giordano’s boast a greater ratio of solids – pigments and binders – to liquids for optimal performance.
  4. Additives:
    • Giordano’s Painting uses paints with beneficial additives, such as rheology modifiers for improved coating flow, mildewcides for mold prevention, dispersing agents for even pigment distribution, and preservatives to prevent spoilage.

Consider the long-term value of quality paints over the initial price tag:

  • Lower-quality paints may seem cost-effective initially but require more coats and maintenance sooner.
  • Giordano’s recommends focusing on the cost per year of service, demonstrating that investing in high-quality paint can save money in the long run.

Example Scenario:

  • Compare a lower-grade paint at $20 per gallon with a 6-year lifespan to a high-quality 25-year paint at $35 per gallon.
  • Despite the higher initial cost, the superior paint results in a lower cost per year, saving money in the long run.

Giordano’s Painting | The Painting Experts

At Giordano’s Painting, we prioritize quality because we understand that it matters. Whether it’s interior or exterior paint, our commitment to providing high-quality home painting using only the best quality paint ensures better short and long-term performance. Make the smart investment in your property by choosing Giordano’s for a painting experience that combines expertise, quality, and lasting beauty.

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